Product Review: Softcup – it’s not just for the earthy crunchy!

Thanks to Green Moms Meet, I was recently sent some samples of Soft Cup menstrual cups. I’m not going to lie that the concept is definitely not for the faint at heart. Unlike tampons that you use and toss, some menstrual cups can be REUSABLE. Yes you heard me right.. rinse and repeat. 


The samples I got were the disposable version. In a nutshell it’s a large, flexible cup that collects rather than absorbs. Thus no worries about bleached tampons and to date no issues with Toxic Shock Syndrome. The best part is you can wear it up to 12 hours. A 24 pack retails for $10.49. Available online and in most drug stores.

I loved it. It definitely takes some practice. Unlike flush-able tampons, Soft Cups need to be thrown away. So there is a mess factor for a first timer. But once you use the cups for a few days… you see how easy it becomes. I found it to be reliable, comfortable and less intrusive! This is definitely something I would buy for those days at the beach/pool. I used it for an entire cycle and was thrilled with how easy it became.

Cons – definitely the mess factor. Lots of contributing factors like flow could make a first timer run for the door. There is also the ‘OMG’ factor if you’ve used nothing but tampons your entire life.. and you unwrap a cup! 

I could see where this would be a super appealing product for women who are active and on the go! That being said it’s definitely a cool product I’d use again!



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