Foodie Find Friday!

Welcome to our first installment of Foodie Find Friday! Every Friday we will feature some sort of recipe or product for all lovers of food! 

Today we feature Blue Donkey Iced Coffee straight out of Atlanta Georgia! We had the pleasure of trying Blue Donkey Iced Coffee light while having lunch at Whole Foods Market Merchants Walk in Marietta GA! Seeing as though I was in town visiting my partner in crime and my new nephew, I’m pretty bummed I can’t buy it in Connecticut!!

For those of you who buy iced coffee in your refrigerated section this one has it beat. Creamy, sweet and the coffee was right on the money. Not too bitter and not too sweet. Needless to say the 8oz coffee didn’t last long. Check out the ingredients in that mocha latte frappe thing you buy. There’s a lot in there huh? Not this one, all natural! No high fructose, no preservatives, artificial anything. What you lovingly sip is what you get. Milk, Coffee & Sugar!

So if you’re ever in their neck of the woods check em out. Maybe if I’m lucky Clare will send some and fill my need! 



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