Black Friday – 40% off toy coupon!

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California’s Prop 37 fails

Here’s the real disappointing outcome of last night. Prop 37 – California’s attempt to make labeling all Genetically Modified foods mandatory – failed. How insane that consumers are ok with feeding their families science experiments. We can only hope this opened up the eyes of other states as to how important this type of legislature is. A sad day for those dedicated to living life naturally.

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Tune-In Tuesday! MC Chris – Marshmallow Playground

MC Chris’s Marshmallow Playground is great for those of you fellow parents or parents-to-be that struggle finding music that is kid friendly. Most baby and toddler oriented music makes me want to gag and is so cheery it’s gross. If i’m going to put music on.. I want it to be rockin. And *i* want to enjoy it. However I don’t want my 3 toddlers screaming Fucking Hostile either.

MC Chris isn’t your typical ‘rapper’ per se.. he’s everything nerdcore you’ve been searching for. Having once hailed as an animator for Adult Swim, his lyrics are as colorful and creative. My fav lyrics from Marshmallow Playground are from a song called Halloween – which is all about candy and brushing your teeth! “i shoulda brushed my teeth i got cavities mom and dad said no sugar till halloween”.

We’ve turned this album into an everyday event in our house – We sing at the top of our lungs during ‘Best Day Ever’ – “i love my life – i love my family – i love my house – i love my mom and dad – and i think that this could be the best day ever had”. What parent wouldn’t love hearing their kids sing that! We were super excited to hear his followup album ‘Marshmallow Campground’ is in the works.

Check out his other albums too – MC Chris is dead is my absolute fav with songs like ‘Pizza Butt’ and “Never Give Up featuring Andrew W.K.’!

Click here to hear the album – MC CHRIS