Today’s quick & easy snack – cookie sandwiches!

Life with three toddlers sometimes can really suck. No joke. How do we save our sanity – delicious easy snacks. Who says its always for them?!

Today’s installment – Immaculate Baking’s refrigerated chocolate chip cookies! I pop ’em in the toaster oven for like 8 minutes and abracabacon! Tasty cookies with none of that artificial crap.

Today was really craptastic so I made myself *ahem* the boys these:


Fresh baked cookies with homemade frosting. What does that crazy chef guy say? Winner winner.. Yea you get the point.




First attempt at mason jar overnight oatmeal!

Tell me THESE don’t look tasty!!


Today I made a conscious decision to eat healthy and work out. Part of the big struggle for me is always meal planning! So clean out a mason jar and head to the fridge.

Whatcha need:
Pint sized mason jar
Rolled oats (1cup)
Coconut milk (1cup of whatever milk alternative you prefer)
Chia seeds (1-2tbsp)
Vanilla (dash)
Almonds (handful)
Blueberries (handful)

So it’s easy – add oatmeal, add coconut milk and then everything else! You could add flax seed, dried cranberries, banana slices, apple slices etc etc! I held off on any sweeteners – agave, honey, maple syrup. Those could totally be added in the AM.

Refrigerate overnight and mix it before you eat! I’m excited to check it out tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!!