First attempt at mason jar overnight oatmeal!

Tell me THESE don’t look tasty!!


Today I made a conscious decision to eat healthy and work out. Part of the big struggle for me is always meal planning! So clean out a mason jar and head to the fridge.

Whatcha need:
Pint sized mason jar
Rolled oats (1cup)
Coconut milk (1cup of whatever milk alternative you prefer)
Chia seeds (1-2tbsp)
Vanilla (dash)
Almonds (handful)
Blueberries (handful)

So it’s easy – add oatmeal, add coconut milk and then everything else! You could add flax seed, dried cranberries, banana slices, apple slices etc etc! I held off on any sweeteners – agave, honey, maple syrup. Those could totally be added in the AM.

Refrigerate overnight and mix it before you eat! I’m excited to check it out tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!!



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