the unwanted phone call

Last week my life was put into perspective. The gravity of a lifetime being put into perspective is HUGE. I, like everyone else, live day to day, Husband, kids, work, lather, rinse, repeat. We get caught up in these routines, monotony, schedules.

My Endocrinologist thinks they found an ‘abnormal growth’ in my thyroid.



We had been monitoring my Thyroid for 2 years now. It all started with some sluggishness… then it became enlarged. Blood tests came back negative for any Thyroid issues.. slides of cells told nothing.

I went for my yearly check up and things seemed routine. Ultrasound & needle aspiration. Done and Done. My Doctor started off by saying things seemed fine and normal and no need to do a needle biopsy this time. 20 minutes later that changed.. Let’s do one for good measure, she said.

Two days later, with my kids fighting in the background, headed out the door to get my Kindergartner… the word Cancer has possibly been introduced into my life. My head was spinning. Hysterical thoughts, mortality, what about my three boys? In 1 second life comes to a screeching halt.

They found abnormal Follicular cells and I would need to have a thyroidectomy. They will need to remove half of my thyroid in order to figure out if it is indeed Cancer, what kind, how big, if it has spread. She said they will run more tests and make decisions while I am on the table. There is a good chance they might take the entire thing.

After crying, fighting back tears as we picked up our son from his second day of Kindergarten.. I did what any person would do. Google.

I found out the following things:

This is the SECOND most common Thyroid Cancer

If you’re going to get Cancer… Thyroid is where it’s at. The survival rate, if detected early, is good.

I should be getting a call this week from my Surgeon. Add that to the list of things Adults have… Lawyers, Life Insurance Agents and Surgeons.

I have become oddly at peace with things. Maybe because crying about the unknown seems like such a waste of time. I’d rather be hanging out with my family in the woods somewhere. Not saying that fear or sadness don’t creep into my thoughts.

I keep telling myself that things will be fine.




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