Living microwave free – The Popcorn Edition

A few years ago we made the decision to live microwave free. We had one… rarely used it.. so it was the obvious decision.

I’m sure I could go on and on citing a trillion different articles as to why using a microwave is bad for you etc etc. But I’m not gonna. Google it my friends.

That being said there were a few adjustments. Like my favorite Whole Foods Market frozen rice. 😢 just not the same without a microwave…

And those awesome microwaveable scented pad things that you can put on your shoulders and neck. They’re delightful… But what to do when you don’t have a microwave?

One thing that’s MUCH better? POPCORN! Nothing beats stovetop popcorn… My popcorn could kick microwave popcorn’s ass. Maybe even that neat silver JiffyPop we all have fond childhood memories of.

Step 1 – use a large pot – like that you would use for pasta. Give those kernels some room to grow why dontcha?!

Step 2 – pick the right oil. Again there are a million different articles as to why one oil is better than another. Not going there. I choose Coconut. It leaves a very faint coconut flavor, isn’t over oily when popped and has some health benefits.

Step 3 – heat the oil at medium heat. Drop a couple kernels into the melting oil and cover. When those babies pop.. You know it’s time.

Step 4 – pour about 1/4 – 1/2 cup into the pan depending on number of servings you require I’ve been making it so long I know that if I cover the bottom of my pan it’s approx 10 servings. Know your oil and know your pan. I usually add a bit more oil at this stage for a kick of flavor and benefits.

Step 5 – Put a lid on it! No seriously. And keep it slightly vented to let steam out.

TADA! Delish, healthy stovetop popcorn. No microwave needed. 😊

I typically just throw some sea salt on but tonight I went all out. I threw on some Penzey’s Spicy 4/S salt. It is now my fave popcorn topping!


***** What items did you re-learn to cool when you ditched your microwave? Leave me a comment! ***



Science fiction? Nope. Just freeze dried goodness – Frontier Soups review & special discount!

Thanks to my lovely friends at Moms Meet I was lucky enough to try some Frontier Soups. Their lovely gift set included – Chicken Noodle, Red Pepper Corn Chowder, Tomato Basil, Tortilla Soup, Alphabet Soup and Kale & Quinoa Vegetable Soup. All the soups they sent me (except the Alphabet Soup) are certified Gluten Free! All Frontier Soups are free of preservatives, use non-GMO corn and even contain some organic ingredients.


We’ve all seen em at the grocery store – those little cellophane bags with tiny dried veggies. I’m not a soup aficionado or anything but they just seem like a lot of work right?? I couldn’t have been more wrong. How long does it usually take you to make dinner? I swear with all the prep work and my kids distracting me it feels like hours. With Frontier Soups you’re looking at 15-20 minutes TOPS. Add some warm bread, a small salad. DONE.

My kids are hard pressed to eat soup. They’re 4 & 5. They don’t get it. Do we drink it? Do we chew it? confusing! I made the Alphabet Soup and nothing changed. They totally thought it was awesome that it had letters..score! However it wouldn’t be cool enough for them to actually eat it. Anyways.. I was psyched because it was DELISH AND ALL MINE.

alphabet soup

Vegetable Soup –

1 package Frontier Alphabet Soup mix

6 cups chicken broth

2 cups cooked chicken

You can add what you like which is the best part! I’m usually wary of soups because of their high salt content. Ask me what the Alphabet Soup mix has? 30mg. (Did I mention they don’t add any salt to their mixes?) Not sure how salty most canned soups are? Head to your pantry… right.. now!



Do you believe me now??! 500mg or higher I bet! This doesn’t mean I don’t want ANY salt. So what I did was add half no sodium stock and half normal stock. For the cooked chicken part.. I grabbed some off my local salad bar. Could it be any easier? And there isn’t any sacrificing of flavor. All the soups I tried were perfectly and expertly seasoned. Those ladies at Frontier sure know what they’re doing. Check out their story.

My total favorite – Red Pepper Corn Chowder. With this soup you start with a broth and then a little cream. The best part – it totally has some heat. I added some kielbasa to mine so it was this great smoky, spicy flavor. OMG I need to buy more STAT!

corn chowder

The Ladies at Frontier were nice enough to extend a discount to my readers and Green Moms Meet members. You can order the same 6 pack I received for $28.80. That’s savings of $7.20!! They’re basically hooking you up with 1 free soup AND free shipping. Do it. now. now. now! Check out the Moms Meet Soup 6-pack here.

Oliver says – TRY THEM NOW!!!

oliver crazay

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Squeasy Snacker – coolest/easiest/awesomest reusable food pouch. EVER.

I’m sure many of you can relate – kids LOVE anything in a pouch.

Applesauce – check.

Spinach mango – check.

quinoa salmon squash etc etc – check.

Kids will eat ANYTHING in a pouch… but it’s just too darn expensive. I can get like 3x the amount of applesauce in bulk than I can in pouches. But guess what.. my three boys ain’t got time for that.

So the solution – Squeasy Snackers! The lovely folks at Squeasy Gear are on the up an up and were kind enough to give me some to review (and to give away..keep reading!)

6ozgreen-2TI’ve seen many designs of reusable food pouches and usually it boils down to ONE thing.. how easy it is to clean. The best part of the Squeasy Snacker is that they’re made from 100% Food Grade Non-Toxic, BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate Free Silicone. You can easily inside-them-out to clean or throw them in the top rack of your dishwasher.

I was hustling out the door one day and decided to just put water in them. The kids thought they were so cool to use. However.. they had to get used to the squeasy-ness. Thankfully it was a hot summer day and they appreciated getting squirted in the face!

squeasy 1

squeasy 2squeasy 3

The next thing I decided to do was make a smoothie in them. I did our old standby – coconut water, frozen berries, local maple yogurt and bananas! It was chilly and refreshing and a healthy snack.

squeasy smoothiesqueasy oliver

You can check out my kids reaction here on my Instagram post(Just like my kids to scream about going pee in the background! Ahh to be a Mom to three boys):

So you want to check one out for yourself? I have one Squeasy Snacker to give out to a lucky reader! Contest runs until 8/31!

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Sacred vegetables!


Today, my son, Remington and I
made a Sacred heart out of our garden harvest!!! Remington, even at 22 months, is a huge help in maintaining our plants. He’s a pro with a hose!!

I also used this for today’s Matching Mummies July photo challenge on Instagram!

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All tampons are not created equal.. just sayin

I was lucky enough to receive some free Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons as part of my Influenster GoVoxbox. At first I’m like.. hm.. write a review for Tampons.. hm…

Playtex Go VoxBox

What! Millions of Women use tampons!! What is there to be nervous/shy/awkward about?!


That being said I thought they rocked. This isn’t going to be a TMI post but what I will say is they are AB-SORB-ENT. They smell pretty nice too! If you’re one of those gals that seems to buy different tampons every time because you can’t find one you like.. DEF check these out! You can find more info on their Facebook page.


Thank you Playtex.. see you in 24 days…


Gotta love Influenster!

I definitely recommend checking out Influenster if you like to get free product to review. It’s a great site, user friendly, earn ‘badges’ by answering questionnaires, submitting product reviews etc. They even do VoxBoxes where you get a box free with goodies to review. I just got my first #RoseVoxBox and it was filled with awesomeness! Rimmel London mascars, Dr Scholls for her Cozy Cusion inserts, Lindt Truffles, BelVita breakfast biscuits and Kiss Nails Gradation polish set. I’ll post some reviews in the coming days..